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Marj’s Coolegs started with an idea...a better way to get ice therapy to sore horse legs.

Marj’s Coolegs Equine Therapy Boots and Hock Wraps are used by endurance and event riders, barrel racers, reiners, cutters, and even veterinarians. No more wet boots or wraps from melted ice. Nontoxic inserts    provide a uniform cold exactly where you want it. Never shifts down the leg.

Since then, the product line has expanded greatly to include bale bags, hay bags, crew bags, fly chasers, and more. Marj’s Coolegs   specializes in a full line of products for horse camping, trail riding and distance riding  competition.

All our products are made in the USA.

Marjorie welcomes ideas for new and useful products.


Marj’s Coolegs

2441 W 253rd St.

Lyndon, KS 66451


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Boots come in a wide variety of colors!


Techni-ice inserts included!